Bates welcomes Single Payment advance for Welsh dairy producers hit by collapse of farming co-operative

2009 Gorffenaf 14 3:52 PM

Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Mick Bates AM, has welcomed the news that from October 16th Welsh dairy producers hit by the collapse of Dairy Farmers of Britain will receive an advance on their CAP Single Payment which would ordinarily be paid from December. The Welsh Government has announced that farmers eligible for the Single Payment will receive 70% of the full 2009 payment due, to help compensate for the financial blow to around 281 dairy producers in Wales who were not paid for milk supplied to Dairy Farmers of Britain in May and early June. Commenting Welsh Liberal Democrat Mick stated: "This is a welcome move by the Welsh Government and I am pleased that the Minister is recognising the plight of Welsh dairy farmers by taking action to secure the future of the dairy industry in Wales. "The quality of Welsh Milk is amongst the best in the world, yet its producers are not receiving the payments they deserve. It is time for a revolution for dairy farming in Wales that will ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for this industry, upon which so many Welsh farmers rely. "For many years I have campaigned for a 'Fair Deal' brand for Welsh milk, to ensure fair play for our local producers and help to develop sustainable Welsh markets for the future. I have recently written to Prince Charles, to ask for his support for the establishment of a 'Fair Deal' brand of Welsh milk, a brand that will help promote a healthy Welsh product and ensure a fair and honest deal for the public and farming industry."

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