Disastrous economic output figures show Wales is drowning in recession - Randerson

2009 Gorffenaf 9 11:23 AM

Commenting on figures released today showing that Production output in Wales fell by 7.2% compared to the UK average of 5.1% over the last quarter, and even worse figures showing a decline in construction output of 13.8% in Wales compared to just 2.8% across the UK over the last year, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Economy Minister, Jenny Randerson AM said:

"These figures are a disaster for Wales, nothing more and nothing less. Wales is starting from a worse position economically and yet is falling faster than the UK average.

"These figures for construction are the most worrying and show that the Labour-Plaid Government has failed to heed warnings from the construction industry about the need to kick-start the sector through major capital projects.

"These are real jobs and real people, and the Government is not prioritising the construction sector for support to nearly the level they need to."

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