Welsh Lib Dems call for a Refurbishment Revolution to get Construction industry back to work.

2009 Mehefin 23 12:23 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will this week call upon the Welsh Assembly Government to demonstrate joined-up government by marrying action on green, economic and public health objectives. The Welsh Lib Dems believe now is the time to begin a radical programme of home refurbishment aimed at reducing emissions, fuel poverty and unemployment in the construction sector. Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said: "Not long ago there were widespread calls for a New Green Deal - large scale public investment in the infrastructure for a sustainable future - but Labour and Plaid seem to have ignored the merits of this approach entirely. As a result, unemployment in the Welsh construction sector has surged, fuel poverty will come back to haunt Wales again next winter and our carbon emissions remain the highest in the U.K. We're calling for some creativity, some coherence and some action that will ensure Wales exits this recession fit for the future." Kirsty continued: "The Assembly Government has a range of strategies that talk about tackling fuel poverty, creating green jobs, delivering sustainable development and of course improving unemployment. But there's no action, just words. Where are the grants for homeowners to invest in home efficiency? Where is the training in sustainable building for those skilled workers out of a job? Where is the bulk procurement of Welsh manufactured solar panels or turbines? This lack of action highlights a lack of vision at the heart of Welsh Government - as the world shifts around us, Wales is in real danger of being left behind with skills, homes and energy dependency that will hold back our communities long into the future."

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