Montgomeryshire AM celebrates as first Lib Dem and first AM in Wales to support BUAV Cruelty Free campaign

2009 Mehefin 23 9:18 AM

Mick Bates, AM for Montgomeryshire, has become the first Liberal Democrat Parliamentarian and the only Assembly Member in Wales to sign up to the BUAV's campaign to make constituency offices cruelty free. Welsh Lib Dem Mick Bates has joined forces with the BUAV to Clean Up Cruelty; supporting the campaign to end animal testing for household products and their ingredients. Mick has taken the step to ensure that all cleaning products used are genuinely cruelty free, only using those approved under the BUAV's humane standard. Commenting, Mick stated: "I'm very pleased to take the lead in Wales by giving my support for the BUAV campaign to use only cruelty free approved products in my office. The welfare of living creatures is an important issue for us all and it is high time to bring an end to unnecessary animal testing." Michelle Thew, chief executive of the BUAV, said: "It's fantastic that Mick is supporting our campaign and putting Wales on the cruelty free map. "I call on all politicians to follow his lead and sign up to this important campaign." 81% of the public said they would support a ban on the testing of household products on animals, though many ingredients in UK household products have been, and can continue to be, tested on animals. In 1997 the Government decided to stop granting licences for cosmetics tests on animals, because the suffering caused was not justified given the trivial nature of the products tested. There is, however, no such prohibition for household products, despite clear public support and very similar arguments. For more information please contact Erin Seymour, marketing and communications officer, 020 7619 6978 or email [email protected]. For a list of BUAV approved products please visit

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