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Kirsty Williams slams WAG for spinning old money as new

2009 Mehefin 18 10:11 AM

Kirsty Williams slams WAG for spinning old money as new

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats has strongly criticised the Labour-Plaid government for giving false hope to neonatal care as they re-announce old money as new money in response to a debate on neonatal care by the Welsh Lib Dems.

The Labour-Plaid government have said that they will invest an additional £4 million over two years from 2009-10 to deliver the priorities for Neonatal Services, although this is an old announcement made back in October 2008.

Leader, Kirsty Williams who will today launch a report along with Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity and lead a debate on the poor provision of neonatal care in Wales said:

"I find it disgraceful that the Labour-Plaid government think that they can brush this issue under the media carpet and spin good news about old funding before a debate in the Assembly on neonatal care in Wales.

"The £4 million announced last October didn't come even close to addressing the problems facing antenatal and neonatal care services in Wales. Re-announcing the £4 million ahead of this debate shows that this Labour-Plaid government is not dedicated to providing decent care for vulnerable babies and their parents in Wales.

"This is yet another example of this government putting their spinning machine in operation to reduce bad press at the expense of those people who desperately need care."