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Government Targets too Brown to be Green - Mick Bates AM

2009 Mehefin 10 1:15 PM

Shadow Minister for the Environment and Sustainability, Mick Bates AM, has criticised Government policies on the environment for failing to stand up to the challenge of climate change. Previously unpublished reports from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), revealed through a freedom of information request, have shown that according to internal forecasts the UK will be sourcing only 5% of its energy from renewables by 2020, well short of the 15% target the UK has signed up to with the European Commission.

Commenting, Welsh Lib Dem Mick Bates AM:

"It is a disgrace that the UK continues to languish at the bottom of the league tables for the production of renewable energy. We have the natural resources to compete in a global market and become a world leader in the low carbon economy of the future, yet sadly the tired and piecemeal Labour Government policies continue to drag us down.

"Worries that the UK will only achieve one third of its target to source 15% of energy from renewables by 2020 are deeply concerning. The industry argues that even 15% is not ambitious enough and we must go further if we are to really tackle the challenge of climate change. It is crucial that the UK Government steps up to the mark and develops firm policies in its Renewable Energy Strategy due this month, so that we can see real progress towards meeting the 2020 target and even more ambitious target for the expansion of renewable energy by 2030 and beyond.

"We have huge potential in the UK to generate renewable energy, with the best wave, wind and tidal resources in Europe. We need to harness this potential and overcome the web of planning restrictions, ageing infrastructure and 'nimby' attitude of so many which continue to hold us back. Going green is hard but the Government is not making it any easier with failing policies that are only making the problem worse."