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2009 Mehefin 9 3:48 PM

Eleanor Burnham, Assembly Member for North Wales has expressed her disappointment at First Minister Rhodri Morgan's attitude to unemployment in Wales. Commenting on today's First Minister's Questions, Eleanor, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Communities said: "Pertinent questions about rising unemployment were asked, but rather than address the issues or tell us what is being done to help the unemployed the First Minister chose to play politics. It was like a game - like Punch and Judy. "If anyone who is unemployed or has recently been made redundant was watching the proceedings looking for a glimmer of hope they would have been bitterly disappointed. Not only that, anyone taking the trouble to peruse the Assembly's Record of Proceedings for the past few weeks would be hard pressed to find a helpful, direct answer to any opposition question. It's a great shame as the Welsh Liberal Democrats are doing all they can to bring the very real concerns of their constituents to the Siambr. "In North Wales hundreds of jobs have been lost and hundreds are under threat. Today's display has done nothing to reassure the public Neither, in this already negative climate, has it done anything to promote politics in a positive light."