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Kirsty Williams Calls on Rhodri Morgan to set leaving date for Wales' sake

2009 Mehefin 9 3:40 PM

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, will today call on the First Minister, Rhodri Morgan, to set a date on which he will end his term in that position. Mr Morgan, who has been First Secretary (now First Minister) of the National Assembly for Wales, since 2000 had suggested he would step down around the time of his 70th birthday in September but with the Labour Party in turmoil here and in Westminster, that date is yet to be confirmed. Kirsty Williams, Leader of The Welsh Liberal Democrats said: "It's bad enough that in the middle of a deep recession we have a Prime Minister in Westminster clinging to power only because the Labour Party are facing the abyss at a general election. Wales must not be subjected to the same party political indulgence. The European election results highlighted the dilemma The First Minister faces: Preside over four more years of steady Labour decline in Wales, or allow new blood to rebuild the party and hope that it works. Mr Morgan's decision is purely party political, so it's not right that the rest of Wales should be made to play guessing games." "Welsh businesses, public services and anybody with a healthy concern for our young democracy deserve some clarity over Mr Morgan's plans. He must decide whether to stay or go - it really doesn't matter to me which it is, but he must decide. With Wales stuck in deep recession and understandable public desire for political reform, this is no time for self indulgence. Huw Lewis says that as opposition, we'd love a period of instability - but that's just what we have now - a Labour party divided in stewardship of Wales' economy, with its members, including Mr Lewis, publicly posturing towards Mr Morgan's chair."