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Bates urges WAG to listen to doctors' advice over powerful climate change film

2009 Mehefin 8 1:55 PM

Shadow Minister for the Environment and Sustainability, Mick Bates AM, is urging the Welsh Government to follow the lead of the NHS which has raised funds to purchase the powerful new climate change film 'Age of Stupid' so that the entire staff of the National Health Service can see the film. The British Medical Journal, Lancet, Royal Colleges of Physicians and Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, NHS Sustainable Development Unit, Campaign for Greener Healthcare and the Climate and Health Council have all clubbed together to purchase a universal screening license for the film. Commenting Mick stated: "The film 'Age of Stupid' is a wake-up call which helps us gain a better understanding of the significance of climate change. As the NHS employs over 1.5 million employees and NHS operations account for around 3% of Britain's total carbon output, it is fantastic news that all staff will now have the opportunity to see this excellent film. "Politicians and people across Wales have to face the reality and urgency of the challenge. As we move closer to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December, it is vitally important that we reach effective global agreements to tackle climate change. This film spells out the stark fact that we cannot afford to waste any more time. "I have written to the Minister Jane Davidson urging her to follow the lead of the NHS, by holding a screening of the film in the Assembly and across Wales, so that people across the country can be inspired and encouraged to make the step changes that will play such an important part in our battle against climate change." Notes: The Climate and Health Council was set up in 2008 "To help guide the position of UK, European, and other Governments in post-Kyoto framework discussions (COP 15) in Copenhagen Nov/Dec 2009" and their website hosts a pledge for health workers to sign up "To protect health through active engagement to limit the causes of human-caused climate change". In May, the Lancet and UCL published a landmark report on Managing the health effects of climate change which revolves around the observation that climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.