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Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru


Welsh Liberal Democrats meet with Welsh Farmer's Union to discuss smarter European Policies.

2009 Mehefin 1 1:11 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrats meet with Farmer's Union of Wales to discuss smarter European Policies.*

Lead Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate Alan Butt Philip was in Welshpool this morning as the biggest campaign ever mounted by the Welsh Liberal Democrats for a European election, heads into its final days.

Alan joined Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire, Mick Bates in visiting the livestock market in Welshpool where they met with the President of the Farmer's Union of Wales, Gareth Vaughan and other FUW members. *

Following the meeting and tour of the markets, Alan Butt Philip said: * "We've had a positive meeting with the Farmer's Union of Wales, discussing the economic, environmental and of course agricultural policy issues that impact upon farmers here in Montgomeryshire and across Wales. All of the issues we discussed, such as sheep ID tagging, CAP reform and market regulation can only be dealt with effectively at a European level, so it's vital that the interests of Welsh farmers are understood and properly represented in Brussels. MEPs have left farmer's to fight their own corner for too long - I would see my role as MEP as requiring regular contact with the FUW and their membership across Wales."

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats have a positive view of Wales stronger for working with Europe and poorer apart. When you consider an industry and way of life such as farming, it's clear that a positive, pro-active approach to Europe is the only sensible option. For farming to thrive in Wales we need the right support, right policies and the ability to trade freely and fairly across the European market."