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Welsh Liberal Democrats lead the way with tough and transparent code of conduct for European candidates

2009 Mai 28 3:01 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrat European election candidates have left their rivals on the gravy train to Brussels, having signed up to a code of conduct that goes well beyond the relaxed European expenses regime and the vague promises made by Plaid, Labour and Conservatives candidates.

Alan Butt Philip, lead European candidate for the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:* "The code of conduct we have signed goes well beyond the warm words we've heard from Plaid and Labour on MEPs expenses. The Liberal group in Europe is a real force in shaping parliamentary reform as well as the wider European policy agenda. This code ensures that not only will Welsh voters get real influence in Europe if they vote Liberal Democrat - voters will also be able to scrutinise us, to hold us to account against a strict code and for example, expect me to be sacked if I breach that code. It makes sense that I should sign up to the same sort of hard and fast rules I already do in my career as a lecturer on European Politics as any working person would do in their job." The Code of conduct, which has been signed by all Liberal Democrat candidates for the June 4th European elections, goes beyond the token promises made by Plaid and Labour MEPs in recent days. *Alan Butt Philip said:* "The people I meet as I campaign across Wales don't just want to see what expenses are claimed, they want to see less waste and absolute decency and accountability. If I breached the Lib Dem code of conduct I would lose my position, whereas Jill Evans and her Plaid and Labour colleagues can continue to claim huge amounts from Europe as long as they publish some receipts online. Welsh voters can choose the Welsh Liberal Democrats and get accountability, transparency and real influence in the European Parliament or choose Plaid for less influence in Europe and an ad-hoc approach to MEPs conduct."