Welsh Lib Dems take Positive European Message to Cardiff Streets

2009 Mai 21 10:19 AM

This afternoon, Alan Butt Philip will join Cardiff South and Penarth PPC, Dominic Hannigan and local Welsh Lib Dem activists in a last minute dash for the support of postal voters in Cardiff. Knocking on doors and delivering targeted literature, the team hopes to play their part this afternoon in winning a European seat for the Welsh Lib Dems. Dominic Hannigan said: "Postal votes are beginning to go out over the next couple of days and we are pulling together a massive operation to ensure as many of them as possible will vote Lib Dem. We're the only party who see that Wales is stronger as part of Europe and Poorer apart - that to tackle recession, climate change, crime and terrorism we must work with our neighbours, not retreat into isolation. Cardiff has become a true European capital in recent years and we think all of Wales can benefit from the exchanges of goods and services, knowledge and culture that the European Union provides for." "The expenses story has clearly become the dominant issue for people, but over the last few days, it is clear that people trust Alan, not only on this issue, but to fight for Wales in Europe. I'm delighted to be doing my part for his election. Alan isn't a career politician, he's never taken a penny from the public purse but he has spent years teaching students about European economic policy - he's the right person for the job"

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