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Welsh Lib Dems to tackle recession with radical European manifesto

2009 Mai 12 4:36 PM

* Welsh Lib Dems to tackle recession with radical European manifesto *

Following on from the highly successful campaign launch yesterday, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams today unveiled the party's radical manifesto for a liberal Europe.

"These are exciting political times and I believe that the Welsh Lib Dems can win in this election. This manifesto will ensure we work hard with our European friends to make real changes for people suffering in the recession," said Kirsty.

"People across Wales are finding it difficult in the recession, and it is only by working together that we can combat this crisis."

The manifesto contains a number of key commitments such as:

Using the EU to close tax loopholes in order to fund big, permanent tax cuts for ordinary people - Better co-operation across Europe in banking regulation, to ensure that we can help stop the recession next time - Finish the single market to ensure that Welsh products and services can be sold across the European.

Lead European candidate Alan Butt Philip *added, "Labour helped cause this recession and Plaid have done little in Government to help. The Conservatives want to isolate us from our European allies. Only the Welsh Liberal Democrats will work hard in Europe to ensure that Wales pulls through this recession."

The manifesto also contains commitments to tackle crime, stop climate change, reform Europe and strengthen our voice in the world. Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that we can best international tackle problems such as the recession, climate change and rising crime with international solutions.

NOTES: The full manifesto can be found here online.



The video of Nick Clegg launching the campaign can be found here