After one year of Carwyn Jones, Wales deserves better – Kirsty Williams

2010 Tachwedd 30 3:30 PM

As Carwyn Jones approaches his first anniversary as First Minister, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have reviewed his record so far. Launching One year of Carwyn Jones document during a press conference, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Since Carwyn Jones has been at the centre of the Welsh Labour administration since 1999, his government was always likely to have contained elements of continuity. It is the extent of the continuity that is startling.

"Carwyn Jones was elected Welsh Labour leader promising to build on the work we have done over the last decade of devolution and to refresh our appeal and our purpose. In reality, it has been business as usual.

"Under Carwyn Jones leadership, Wales is going backwards. We spend more on health per person than England but for worse outcomes. Our children, who used to outperform their counterparts in England now lag behind at GCSE and A level.

"One year ago, Carwyn Jones own verdict on the Labour government was that the people of Wales know we can do better. One year on, it is a verdict that any dispassionate observer would apply to his own government. Wales deserves better."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?