Experienced and hardworking candidates selected for South Wales West.

2010 Hydref 25 7:10 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrats in South Wales West have today selected their candidates who will fight the South Wales West regional elections to the National Assembly in May 2011.

A democratic all member ballot in South Wales West selected the following candidates

1. Peter Black

2. Stuart Rice

Commenting, Peter Black AM, lead candidate for the Welsh Liberal Democrats in South Wales West said:

Im proud to have been selected to lead the Welsh Liberal Democrat South Wales West list for the Assembly elections next May.

The people in South Wales West have been let down by the Labour-Plaid government in Cardiff. For nearly four years, they have failed our NHS, made a mess of our education system and hindered economic growth for the parts of Wales that really needs jobs and prosperity.

As an Assembly Member for the region, I have always stood up for the people I represent. From now until May, I will show people of the region and across Wales how the Welsh Liberal Democrats can make a difference to our health system, give children a better start in life and bring jobs to the areas that desperately need them.

Stuart Rice, the second candidate on the list said:

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are a growing force in this part of Wales and it is clear that only we can beat Labour and Plaid who have let down Wales for so long. I am looking forward to joining Peter Black to help fight a strong campaign from Penclawdd to Port Talbot.

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?