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Veronica German elected to lead the South Wales East team for Assembly election

2010 Hydref 25 6:33 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrats have today selected their candidates who will fight the South Wales East regional elections to the National Assembly for Wales in May 2011.

A democratic all member ballot in South Wales East selected the following to stand as Welsh Liberal Democrat candidates for the elections in 2011:

1. Veronica German

2. Phil Hobson

Commenting, Veronica German AM, lead candidate on the South Wales East list said:

I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected to lead the Welsh Liberal Democrat South Wales East list for the 2011 Assembly elections.

For nearly four years, the Labour-Plaid government has failed the people of Wales and failed the people of South Wales East, now delivering worse standards in health and education than in England. During my time in the Assembly as the regional AM, I have always stood up for the people who I represent and if elected next May, I will keep on taking their concerns to the Assembly. The people of Wales and South Wales East deserve an NHS that they can be proud of

Cllr Phil Hobson, the second candidate on the list said:

I look forward to working with Veronica German and the Welsh Liberal Democrat team as we campaign across the region from Merthyr to Monmouth to lead the fight against a failing Labour-Plaid Government.