Kirsty Williams: Climate Change Strategy must deliver 3% annual carbon savings

2010 Hydref 7 3:44 PM

Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Shadow Minister for the Environment has today commented on the publishing of the Welsh Government's Climate Change Strategy for Wales.

Kirsty Williams said:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats agree with much in this strategy, particularly annual carbon reduction targets which we have long argued for.

"It is critical that the Government delivers the 3% annual carbon savings they promised. We will want to look closely at the data in the report and consider the concerns of Friends of the Earth and other green groups to ensure that this target is met.

"There are also some missed opportunities. The strategy could do more to acknowledge the critical role that must be played by Welsh local councils in implementing Carbon Reduction Strategies.

"Bizarrely, there is no mention of encouraging hot water efficiency which has a large carbon footprint and I would like to see more focus on the carbon impact of excessive water usage.

"The focus on public transport, walking and cycling, is welcome but needs to be accompanied by a strategy to encourage the use of more efficient vehicles and smarter driving to minimise carbon emissions from cars."

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