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Veronica German AM: Ambulance response times remain patchy

2010 Hydref 6 3:55 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Health and Wellbeing Veronica German AM has today commented on government statistics for ambulance services.

The figures for the month of August, released today, show that whilst across Wales waiting times have improved slightly, performance in some areas remains patchy and falls below government standards.

Commenting, Veronica German said:

"Whilst across Wales these statistics represent a slight improvement in some area's results are not so encouraging.

"In Powys, for instance, the percentage of calls leading to an ambulance arriving within eight minutes is only 56.7 per cent and in Gwynedd it is not much better at 57.3 per cent. They didn't do much better in the categories which measure responses within nine and ten minutes.

"This is not a single occurrence either. Throughout the past year Powys has consistently fallen far below the government set target of 65 per cent in all categories. Ceredigion also has consistently poor results. "It is worrying that these places have been failing to meet the Government's targets for so long and yet nothing has been done.

"It is important that people in rural communities have equal access to emergency care and it is incumbent on the Health Minister to ensure the ambulance trust looks for innovative ways of making this happen.

"The Health Minister needs to address this issue immediately and ensure that we have an ambulance service which is fit for purpose whatever the area.

"The Labour-Plaid must look beyond the places in Wales which are performing well and address the places in Wales which need help to reach the targets they are so keen to set."


Stats for the month of August along with stats for past months and years are available on: