Health Minister ‘was not involved’ in review of NHS

2010 Medi 30 8:24 AM

The First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has finally responded to Kirsty Williams' letter asking him to investigate why the Health Minister has spent months denying the existence of a critical document which exposes the failures of Labour's leadership of the NHS.

Describing the document as 'a compilation of slides' he has denied that the Health Minster was even involved in McKinsey's 5 year Strategic review of the Welsh NHS.

Last year, McKinsey and Company were commissioned to carry out a review of the NHS and formulate a five year framework for health services in Wales. The Health Minister has consistently denied the existence of the report that is highly critical of the leadership of the Welsh NHS.

A leaked copy of the report states that WAG's strategic objectives are 'too numerous and not prioritised so none or the wrong objectives are implemented' and that government's strategies are 'financially unaffordable', 'lack accountability' and that there is 'a lack of capacity to deliver' them.

In responding to Kirsty Williams, the First Minister has once again rested his defence on the name given to the report. What the government has always denied is a 'report', and his Health minister referred to last week as 'some little discussion document' is now described as a 'compilation of slides'.

Commenting, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

"However, the First Minister describes the document, it is clear that McKinsey uncovered a raft of failures in Labour and Plaid's leadership of the Welsh NHS.

"The First Minister's claim that the Health Minister was not involved in this process and not even given a copy of this report is scarcely credible and utterly contemptible.

"In denying the Health Minister's involvement in this review, the Government has now proved the point, highlighted in the suppressed McKinsey report, that the Welsh NHS is being let down by a lack of leadership at the very top.

"The Labour/Plaid Government now needs to stop obsessing about the title of this document and address the serious criticisms it contains."

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