‘Ieuan Air’ sustained by Labour and Plaid Cymru votes

2010 Medi 29 8:45 AM

Plaid Cymru last night joined with Labour to vote once again in favour of a huge taxpayers' subsidy for the controversial 'Ieuan Air' internal air link. Despite previous statements that they were against the subsidy, the Conservatives failed to back the motion, leaving the Liberal Democrats the only party to vote against.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats yesterday tabled an amendment in the debate on the Sustainable Development Annual Report stating that,

"The Welsh Assembly Government's subsidy for the north-south airlink does not match the ambitions of the Government's Sustainable Development Scheme".

Plaid Cymru activists recently voted against the North-South Wales air link at their conference. An amendment was submitted to their Sustainable Transport Motion, which was passed, advocating a withdrawal of subsidies for internal air services. The money to instead be spent on rail improvements.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Minister Jenny Randerson AM said,

"This controversial internal air link not only pumps thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere but has cost the Welsh Taxpayer £3.2 million in public subsidy and continues to cost £800, 000 a year.

"That the Labour/Plaid government can waste tax payers' money in this way is simply scandalous and makes a mockery of their claims to environmentalism and financial prudence .

"With the Conservatives failing to support our amendment, only the Welsh Liberal Democrats can be trusted to protect our environment."

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