Health Minister misled Assembly over critical NHS report.

2010 Medi 21 7:17 PM

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has today exposed a leaked report that the Health Minister has spent months denying exists.

Last year, the Health Minister commissioned McKinsey and Company to carry out a review of the NHS and formulate a five year framework for health services in Wales. She has since twice denied the existence of the report that highly criticises the leadership of the Welsh NHS. In answers to written questions, the Health Minister said:

"The McKinsey Commission has resulted in a process not a publication and therefore there is no formal document for scrutiny" and "As I said previously, there is no McKinsey Report."

The leaked document identifies a raft of failures in strategic leadership of the Welsh NHS impacting frontline services. The document reveals that the Labour-Plaid government's strategies are 'financially unaffordable', lack accountability'and that there is 'a lack of capacity to deliver them.'

The report also states that "strategic objectives are too numerous and not prioritised, so none or the wrong ones are implemented."

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"The Health Minister has spent months refusing to acknowledge the existence of this report, twice denying to the Assembly that the document even existed. You can see why as it highlights such a raft of failures in Labour and Plaid's leadership of the Welsh NHS.

"I raised this issue with the First Minister in the Senedd and he refused to defend his Health Minister, refused to explain why they suppressed the report and failed to address any of the criticisms of the Labour-Plaid governments stewardship of the NHS in Wales.

"This government must take responsibility for its failures and it is wholly unacceptable that Assembly Members and the people of Wales have been misled by the Health Minister to protect herself."

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