£22 million wasted training teachers who don't teach - Randerson

2010 Awst 18 1:04 PM

More than £22m has been wasted by the Welsh Assembly Government on training teachers who do not go on to teach in Wales.

New figures released today by the Welsh Liberal Democrats have revealed that between 2004/05 and 2007/08, Wales trained an excess of almost 3000 teachers, at a cost of over £7500 per surplus teacher.

Few steps are being taken to tackle this as only minor reductions in teacher training intake targets have been made for 2010/11.

Commenting on the figures, Jenny Randerson, Welsh Liberal Democrats Shadow Minister for Education said:

"At a time when budgets are increasingly stretched, it is wasteful and irresponsible for the Labour/Plaid government in Wales to spend taxpayers' money on teachers that Wales does not have vacancies to employ.

"The Government were advised in the 2006 Furlong Report to cut the number of training places in half but this advice has not been heeded. The Education Minister stated in 2008 that she would be supporting a reduction of 50 per cent of training places in primary and 25 per cent reduction in secondary training places, but this saving has not taken place.

"With education spending already £500 per pupil less than in England, Wales can ill afford to be subsidising the English education system. In maths, for example, we have trained 133 teachers at a cost of £1.1 million who are not teaching in Wales at all.

"Labour in London has saddled us the largest budget deficit in UK peacetime history. Meanwhile in Wales, they have wasted £22 million on a programme to train teachers who don't teach."

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