Unacceptable NHS Wales waiting times -Veronica German

2010 Awst 12 2:21 PM

More than 10,000 patients in Wales are having to wait more than 26 weeks for hospital treatment, according to the latest figures for June.

Out of 274,515 on the waiting list, 10,154 patients had to wait more than six months.

Veronica German, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Health Minister said:

Its very worrying that the Labour-Plaid government cant get to grips with the amount of time patients have to wait for treatment.

"We know that waiting lists go down when money is poured in, however, with difficult financial times ahead for NHS Wales and the country as a whole, the Health Minister has to come up with a strategy to ensure that patients arent waiting unacceptable periods of time for treatment.

More information can be found here.

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