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“Inept” spending decisions threaten climate change action – Kirsty Williams

2010 Gorffenaf 29 1:53 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrats have branded as "inept" the £3.5 million of Welsh Government money spent in the last three years on climate change awareness instead of programmes that directly reduce carbon emissions.

Research by the Welsh Liberal Democrats has shown that the Welsh Government has spent £900,000, £1,100,000 and £1,400,000 in each of the last three years on promoting climate change awareness.

Grants include £20,000 over two years for an annual newspaper supplements on climate change and over £0.5 million a year to the Sustainable Development Commission and Cynnal Cymru.

Welsh Liberal Democrats estimate that this could have paid for around 1000 improvements to homes in fuel poverty through the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme - making an immediate impact on carbon emissions.

Commenting, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams, who is also the Shadow Sustainability Minister, said,

"The last few years have seen an unprecedented amount of public awareness of climate change from films, celebrities and the voluntary sector.

"When money is this tight, we shouldn't be spending so much public resource on awareness campaigns, when we could be spending it on effective schemes which have a real impact on carbon emissions."