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Liberal Democrat policies announced in Queen’s Speech

2010 Mai 25 2:36 PM

A large number of Liberal Democrat policies were announced in today's Queen's Speech, including the party's major priorities: fair taxes, a fair start for children, a green and sustainable economy, and a comprehensive clean up of politics.

The policies include:

  • Making the tax and benefits system fairer and simpler, including a significant increase in the personal allowance and an ambition to increase it to £10,000
  • Restoring the earnings link to pensions
  • Greater freedoms for teachers over the curriculum
  • Measures to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses
  • Support for low carbon energy production
  • Financial services regulation to learn the lessons of the financial crisis
  • Fixed term parliaments of five years
  • A referendum on the Alternative Vote
  • The right to sack MPs guilty of serious misconduct
  • Reform of party funding
  • Moving towards a wholly or partly elected House of Lords, elected by proportional representation
  • A Bill to restore freedoms and civil liberties, through the abolition of Identity Cards and repeal of unnecessary laws
  • Giving greater powers to councils and giving neighbourhoods and communities more control over planning and housing decisions
  • Ending child detention
  • Fair compensation for Equitable Life victims
  • Enabling the creation of a national high speed rail network
  • The modernisation of the Royal Mail
  • Flexible working and promotion of equal pay
  • Strengthening the voices of patients and the role of doctors in the NHS
  • A commission on long-term reform of social care
  • Cutting Quangos and government bureaucracy
  • Implementing the recommendations of the Calman Commission
  • A referendum on further powers for the Welsh Assembly

A full list of Bills and other items from the Queen's Speech is available at: http://www.number10.gov.uk/news/topstorynews/2010/05/queens-speech-2010-3-50297