Kirsty Williams comment on Conservative-Liberal Democrat programme for Government

2010 Mai 21 2:59 PM

Commenting on the release of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat programme for government, Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Along with the benefits the people of Wales will see from a Conservative-Liberal Democrat UK government, like lower taxes for workers and a fairer pension settlement for older people, these commitments in this document demonstrate the clear contrast between this active government and the idleness of the past 13 years of the Labour government.

"Making sure that housing powers are devolved to the Assembly, supporting further electrification of the railways and setting up a Commission to look at funding for Wales are all issues the Welsh Liberal Democrats have been fighting for and I am pleased that the UK government has shown commitment to Wales and Welsh devolution by announcing these commitments today.

"This agreement comes a day after Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg reaffirmed the UK government's commitment to giving Wales a referendum of further law-making powers in his speech on political reform.

"This progressive coalition government has clearly shown that it is serious about tackling the deficit, the biggest issue facing Wales and the rest of the UK. However, it has also shown that it is going to treat the people of Wales and Britain like adults once again after 13 years of Labour's arrogance."

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