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Wales needs a credible and workable plan to create and protect jobs in Wales – Kirsty Williams

2010 Ebrill 27 12:02 PM

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats has challenged the Labour-Plaid government to come up with a credible and workable plan to create and protect jobs in Wales after recent figures show yet another disappointing rise in unemployment.

Last week, Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, was in Cardiff detailing how the Liberal Democrats would create green and sustainable jobs in the first year of a Liberal Democrat government by providing an immediate financial stimulus package.

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Throughout the recession, as unemployment levels have been up and down, a clear pattern has emerged. Wales is consistently facing higher unemployment than most of the rest of the UK nations and regions.

"We need a strong plan to ensure that Wales and its people no longer bear the brunt of a financial downturn and what we've seen from Labour and Plaid Cymru is a weak attempt to get Wales working again.

"The Plaid Cymru Deputy First Minister's handling of the economy here in Wales has been poor, ignoring the benefits of moving the Welsh economy to one based on green jobs and sustainable businesses. Their ProAct scheme can only be one tool for dealing with a far bigger problem. In Ceredigion, for example, it has only helped a handful of people and is not dealing with the problem for thousands of Welsh workers across Wales.

"Peter Hain and his Labour party are making empty promises about unleashing a wave of thousands and thousands of jobs in Wales' without any credible details. This is irresponsible as they have no firm plans on how to deliver them. They also promise jobs for the future' when what Wales needs is jobs for the here and now.

"As for the Conservative party, they recently admitted that they want to slash spending immediately which will have a damaging effect on the Welsh economy given its strong reliance on the public sector.

"We need a new sort of economy in Wales, an economy that is different from the old and an economy that is financially and environmentally sustainable.

"We plan to invest £125 million, which will be offered to Wales in the first year of a Liberal Democrat government, in creating jobs though investing in insulation and bringing empty homes back into use. We'd also build a sustainable economy by investing money in disused industrial sites and ensuring our schools are energy efficient.

"We have credible and costed plans to get Wales out of this economic hole and ensure that it is protected from future economic downturns."