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Election is wide open – Kirsty Williams

2010 Ebrill 18 1:55 PM

Kirsty Williams today delivered straight answers to difficult questions posed by members of the public in the televised Welsh Leaders' debate on Sky this morning.

Speaking after the debate, Kirsty Williams said:

Everyone knows that this election is wide open. As someone who lives here and works in Wales, I understand the concerns of Welsh voters. Today I asked the people to place their trust in us, the Liberal Democrats, to do the tough job of working for a fairer Wales.

We've had 65 years of blue-red Labour Conservative politics and look where we are, a poor economy and a rotten political system. People have had enough of this old politics and are looking for something new. The Liberal Democrats are the only ones who offer real change.

Following Nick Clegg's highly regarded performance on Thursday at the first televised Leaders' debate, shown on ITV, and Vince Cable's confident performance at the Chancellors' debate on Channel Four, Kirsty Williams upheld the party's growing momentum.

You can watch Kirsty Williams in action here.

The next Welsh Leaders' debate will be on Tuesday 20 April on ITV Wales.