Clegg stood out from tired old politics of Labour and Conservatives – Kirsty Williams.

2010 Ebrill 16 8:54 AM

Commenting on the first prime ministerial debate aired on ITV last night, Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Nick was honest and credible in the debate last night and that is something which is desperately needed in politics these days. He was calm under pressure, assured and confident; qualities that are needed in a leader.

"We've had 65 years of Labour and Conservative governments taking people for granted and last night's debate proved that the two-party system that lead us to this economic crisis and dirty politics is no longer acceptable.

"While debates like these matter in engaging people in politics, the hard work of campaigning and listening to the electorate happens on the streets and on doorsteps. Today, Nick Clegg and the rest of the party are out there listening to the concerns of people right across Wales and the UK.

"Ieuan Wyn Jones said that Wales was not mentioned throughout the debate but Nick made clear reference to the hospital in Cardiff which is suffering from Labour's immigration policies. Discussions about law and order, political reform and the deficit will affect Wales dramatically. I don't know which programme Ieuan was watching but this just continues to prove that Plaid Cymru are irrelevant in this election."

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