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13 Years of Labour and Little has Changed for the Poorest Children - Jenny Willott

2010 Ebrill 13 1:51 PM

Jenny Willott, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Candidate for Cardiff Central, has today called the lack of improvement in some indicators of child poverty under Labour 'scandalous'.

Her comments came after Statistics for Wales released the latest update on the progress made against the Labour-run Assembly Government's Child Poverty Indicators.

The figures reveal that of the 31 indicators reviewed 32% show little or no progress' since 1999 and 3% of indicators have fallen behind 1999 levels.

Commenting Ms Willott, who is seeking to be re-elected as Cardiff Central's MP, said:

"These figures show once again that the Labour Administrations in both Cardiff and Westminster have failed to raise children in Wales out of poverty.

"The fact that after 13 years of a Labour Government so many children are still living in poverty is quite simply scandalous. They have had over a decade to change. It can't go on and they can't be trusted.

"The Liberal Democrats want to see real help being given to lift children out of poverty, which is why we could ensure no one pays income tax on the first £10 000 they earn, giving them the chance to spend the money raising their family."

Notes to the Editor:

The full release from Statistics for Wales can be found at: