Vince Cable – Liberal Democrats pledge fairer taxes that work for Wales

2010 Ebrill 13 1:32 PM

Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable will today be campaigning in Swansea West with local candidate Peter May and leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams.

Vince Cable will visit Cyrenians Cymru, a Welsh homeless charity based in Swansea where he will meet a group of people who are now in employment after coming off long term benefits. The Shadow Chancellor will highlight how many thousands of people across Wales will benefit from Liberal Democrat tax proposals.

The fairer tax policy will be at the heart of the party's manifesto for the General Election.

Under the Liberal Democrats, the income tax threshold would be raised to £10,000, meaning most taxpayers would see their income tax bills cut by £700. The move is paid for by clamping down on tax avoidance, closing tax loopholes for the wealthy, a mansion tax on homes worth more than £2 million and making sure that airlines pay for the pollution they cause.

Vince Cable said:

"Under 13 years of this Labour government, the tax system has become very unfair and thats why the Liberal Democrats are proposing the most radical change in taxation for a generation.

"Around 800,000 people in Wales will be £700 better off, paid for by making sure that the super rich pay their fair share.

"The Conservative party is promising tax cuts for millionaires. The Liberal Democrats are promising tax cuts for millions."

Peter May, Welsh Lib Dem Swansea West candidate said:

"Under Liberal Democrat tax proposals, 16,000 people in Swansea will pay no income tax and nearly 65,000 will be £700 better off a year. Our tax policy will be at the heart of our manifesto because we believe in fairness and the way we create a more fair society is by making sure that people pay a fair share of their income tax."

Im proud of the work Swansea based charity Cyrenians Cymru do in helping people who have been homeless get training and qualifications so they can enter the work of work and become independent. Our tax plans will directly benefit them and put more money back in their pocket at the end of every month.

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