Plaid Cymru: Irrelevant in Westminster, incompetent in Cardiff – Mark Williams

2010 Ebrill 13 1:08 PM

Commenting on Plaid Cymru's manifesto launch, Mark Williams, Welsh Lib Dem Ceredigion Parliamentary candidate said:

Not only are Plaid Cymru irrelevant in Westminster, but they are incompetent in Cardiff. No one can take their election manifesto pledges seriously as their record in coalition government in Cardiff proves that Plaid Cymru are not strong enough partners to deliver what they promise.

Over the last few years, Plaid Cymru has proved time and time again that they cannot stand up to a stronger coalition partner on their priorities. If Plaid Cymru failed to keep Wales free from tuition fees then the people of Wales should have no confidence in them obtaining concessions in a UK government and delivering it. It begs the question, what's the point of voting Plaid Cymru when they can't deliver?

In Westminster, they are not a party that are taken, or have been taken, seriously and with so few MPs, they never will. They continuously talk up their chances of increasing their representation in Westminster but like their uncosted pensions pledge, it's all pie in the sky.

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?