"Blatant Labour-Plaid government electioneering shameful" – Eleanor Burnham

2010 Ebrill 12 1:34 PM

Commenting on the multi-million pound investment in coastal tourism projects by the Welsh government Heritage Minister during a General election campaign, Eleanor Burnham, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Heritage Minister said:

While this money for coastal tourism projects is welcomed, the timing of this announcement is blatant electioneering from the Labour-Plaid government.

Why have they waited until the election to announce this money? People will see straight though this stunt and the Labour and Plaid Cymru government should have more respect for the people of Wales. Their votes cannot be bought by electioneering stunts like this.

If sweetening the people of Wales with their own money is the best way they can attract votes, this proves that Labour and Plaid have nothing to offer.

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?