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Welsh Liberal Democrat Candidates sign Code of Conduct for General Election

2010 Ebrill 7 8:15 AM

The Welsh Lib Dems have kicked off their General Election campaign by restoring confidence and trust in politics.

Following the controversy surrounding MPs allowances last year, all Welsh Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidates are signing a Code of Conduct on Elected Members' allowances and Transparency.

The Code of Conduct states that no MP should profit from the tax-payer with regard to their allowances and that there should be complete transparency in how allowances are spent.

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

Our broken political system desperately needs to be cleaned up. Trust in politics has suffered a massive blow over the last few years and things must change. We cannot have a system where the people of this country cannot trust their politicians.

Labour has had 13 years to change and clean up broken politics, and it's failed to do so and the Tories cannot be trusted to bring about the changes that are required.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats want to restore this trust and the Code of Conduct that all our parliamentary candidates are signing will hopefully restore their confidence in the political system.

Ed Townsend, Newport East Welsh Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate said:

"If elected to Parliament, I will ensure complete transparency, especially when it comes to taxpayer' money. We want voters all across Wales to have 100% confidence in our commitment to fair, honest and transparent politics. This Code of Conduct provides that guarantee.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats want a fresh start for Wales and we want to regain the trust of the people who send us to work on their behalf. This is a first step towards that goal.

Like other Welsh Liberal Democrat candidates across Wales, I have agreed to a Code of Conduct for my behaviour. We are serious about cleaning up politics.

Kirsty will be visiting Ed at the Newport East Lib Dem Offfices where he will sign the code of conduct. Feel free to come along to the event at 1pm. 59 Church Street, Newport NP10 9.