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Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, commenting on Brown calling the Election

2010 Ebrill 6 11:49 AM

"This is a great opportunity for change in Wales. Over the next few weeks, people will have the opportunity to have a say in how they want their country to be run.

"There are two great questions in this election. First, we must ask ourselves whether decades of Tory governments and New Labour governments have made the lives of people in Wales better off. For millions of workers and families, the answer is no.

"Second, we must ask ourselves what kind of future we want. If we want a future that is different, then in this election we must choose a party that is different.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats are different from the parties whose campaigns are bankrolled by militant unions and non-domiciled millionaires. We are different from the parties that have presided over some of the worst recessions and highest periods of unemployment in our history, and we are different from the two parties that forced our nation to spend billions on an illegal war while our services and schools crumbled here at home.

"Each election, the Liberal Democrats gain more and more ground. In the last election, 1 in 4 people voted Liberal Democrat in Britain. If that increases to 1 in 3, the Lib Dems can lead the next government and we will deliver the change that works for Wales."