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Williams calls for reconsideration of alcohol duty rise

2010 Ebrill 3 11:13 AM

Roger Williams, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire and Liberal democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, used last night's vote on the Budget to oppose the increase in alcohol duty.

Roger Williams said: "Whilst I support measures to limit the impact of irresponsible drinking, including limiting the availability of cheap alcohol, this resolution would place an undue burden on responsible drinkers.

"The Liberal Democrats support a minimum price for alcohol in order to raise prices in supermarkets so that they don't compete unfairly with local pubs.

"By introducing a sudden, significant tax increase on cider there is likely to be damage to small, local businesses.

"I opposed the plans to increase the alcohol duty in order to protect the small breweries, fruit producers, distillers and pubs in my community, many of whom desperately need support at the present time.

"Sadly the Labour Government has turned a deaf ear to their needs."