Kirsty Williams: Think Plaid. Think Dole

2010 Ebrill 1 11:10 AM

Commenting on Plaid Cymru and SNP's "4 Wales 4 Scotland" election stunt, Kirsty Williams leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:"Plaid Cymru and the SNP are irrelevant parties in this election. A handful of nationalists in a hung parliament situation can't bring about change that will really work for Wales."

"Plaid Cymru must explain how their promise of 'fair funding' will work in reality because if the current funding formula were changed, their Scottish counterparts could lose billions of pounds in funding. Plaid Cymru must be deluded if they think they will sign up to that.

"As for their priorities for boosting the green economy and supporting business growth, the nationalists already hold these portfolios in both Cardiff and Edinburgh governments and look where that got us. Unemployment up in Wales and up Scotland while unemployment down in England. "'Think Plaid. Think Dole' is more of an apt slogan for Plaid Cymru during this election."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?