Child poverty is social injustice at its worst - Eleanor Burnham

2010 Ionawr 28 10:25 AM

Commenting on Save the Children statistics that show that Wales has the highest rate of children living in severe poverty in the UK, Eleanor Burnham, Welsh Lib Dem Children and Young People spokesperson said: "It is absolutely despicable and shameful that children are living in poverty in 21st century Wales."

"What is even worse is that we have the highest rate of children living in severe poverty in the UK. I fear that as the ongoing economic downturn continues, many more children will be living in poverty.

"Children living in poverty start life on the wrong foot and as a Liberal Democrat committed to fairness, I find it abhorrent that the Labour-Plaid government in Cardiff and Labour government in Westminster are failing to meet their 2010 target of halving child poverty.

"The Labour UK Government is key to tackling child poverty, as it has the direct economic levers available to eradicate child poverty. One of the main priorities for the Liberal Democrats is to give children a fair start in life by directing money at children from poorer and disadvantaged backgrounds. Our tax plans will also bring thousands of households out of paying income tax and make it easier for thousands more to make it to the end of the month.

"Economic poverty among children leads to a poverty of goals and ambitions which damages our whole nation and it continues the vicious cycle of families living in poverty from one generation to the next. This vicious circle must be broken. Child poverty is social injustice at its worst."

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