Give rail passengers on buses a hefty discount - Welsh Lib Dems

2010 Ionawr 28 10:25 AM

Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Transport Minister, Jenny Randerson AM has today called for passengers facing rail replacement bus services to be given a hefty discount on their ticket price.

The calls come as the Liberal Democrats revealed plans to transform the UK rail service, putting passengers at the heart of the railways.

Jenny Randerson said: "People are sick of paying an often hefty full price for a ticket, only to find a bus waiting for them at the station. If you pay train prices, you should expect a train journey.

"The Liberal Democrats will ensure passengers who have to take a rail replacement bus will get a third off the price of their ticket to help them deal with the inconvenience and considerable delays."

Notes: Under the Liberal Democrat plans, a discount of 33% will be given to passengers forced to take rail replacement buses, paid for by a reformed Network Rail.

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