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Anglesey meat processing sector latest victim of supermarket dominance - Mick Bates

2010 Ionawr 12 5:09 PM

Commenting on the possible job losses in Welsh Country Foods onAnglesey, Mick Bates, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow Minister for Rural Affairssaid:

"This is a hard blow for the people of Anglesey who have already seenjob losses in other sectors over the last year. Many people who work inthe plant have links to rural families on the island and I hope that theproposed jobs losses and difficulties the company faces will not have aneffect on those farmers who supply Welsh Country Foods.

"While farmers have been getting a fair price for their lambs recently,it is the intermediary processing sector that has been the latest victimof the dominance of the supermarkets. A fair price must be given to allthe sectors in the supply chain and that's why the Welsh LiberalDemocrats are calling for a Supermarket Ombudsman to make sure thatfarmers and those involved in the sector get a fairer price from themammoth supermarkets."