Up to 100,000 Welsh pensioners will miss out on cold weather payments - Williams

2010 Ionawr 12 3:19 PM

Up to 100,000 pensioners in Wales will miss out on Cold Weather Payments triggered by the recent weather, according to analysis of Government figures by the Liberal Democrats.

Cold Weather Payments of £25 a week are paid to people on low incomes who receive a qualifying benefit, such as Pension Credit, which goes unclaimed by as many as 1.7m pensioners across the UK.

Commenting, Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams said:

"It is a scandal that pensioners on the breadline are missing out on these payments, worth an estimated £2.5m.

"With many people struggling to heat their homes in the cold weather, particularly those who are not on the mains gas network, these payments are extremely important to help vulnerable people stay warm.

"The Pension Credit system is far too complex and Labour have failed millions of pensioners by failing to ensure they get the extra help they need.

"The Government must do everything they can to identify pensioners in Wales and across the UK who are missing out and get them this extra cash, and in the long term introduce automated payments."

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