New First Minister must quickly match rhetoric on education with action. - Kirsty

2010 Ionawr 12 2:55 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling on the new First Minister to acton his commitments to education in Wales, by reversing the higher andfurther education cuts his government voted for in late 2009.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats commented:

"The New First Minister made some bold promises in his leadershipmanifesto, notably outlining his belief that 'education is the route outof poverty'. Sadly, the First Minister voted to cut college anduniversity budgets by 5% this year, so his first act must be to reversethis terrible decision by tabling a supplementary budget."

"Unless he shows leadership and reverses the 5% education cuts, FirstMinister Jones will send a clear message to Welsh voters - I'm all talk,no action. I'll be asking First Minister Jones whether he will take alaid-back or a pro-active approach to tackling the issues that mattermost in Wales today. "

"As the new First Minister begins his new job, around 125,000 areunemployed in Wales, about half of which are aged 25 or younger. I hope, for their sake, that our new First Minister doesn't choose the'do nothing' option."

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