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Randerson delighted with Government promise to look at Welsh stock exchange

2010 Ionawr 6 3:09 PM

Randerson delighted with Government promise to look at Welsh stockexchange

Commenting in response to a letter from the Minister for the Economy andTransport promising that his officials will look at her proposals forthe creation of a Welsh Stock Exchange, Welsh Lib Dem Shadow EconomyMinister, Jenny Randerson AM said:

"I am absolutely delighted that the Minister sees merit in my proposals.I have received a very positive response to my proposal from Welshbusinesses and industry experts who agree that this idea could provide amuch needed boost for Welsh businesses and the economy.

"While we are hopefully moving towards the end of this recession, thereis universal agreement that we need to rebalance our economic system andas a party, the Welsh Lib Dems are determined to continue to bringforward positive and well thought out ideas about how to do this.

"It is good to see a Government listening to ideas from oppositionpoliticians and I'm looking forward to helping the Minister's officialsto evaluate the idea and move it forward."

Notes: Jenny Randerson originally proposed the creation of a Welsh StockExchange in an article on the Waleshome.org website on 15th October. Thearticle can be found here.

She wrote to Ieuan Wyn Jones at the end of November with detailedproposals to which he replied this week.

Text of letter from Ieuan Wyn Jones to Jenny Randerson AM

Thank you for your letter of 26th November 2009 outlining your proposalfor a Welsh Stock Exchange.

My officials are in the early stages of developing a broad-rangingstrategy, with supporting action plans for the Financial and BusinessServices Sector in Wales. I have asked them, as part of their work, toconsider your proposal in the context of this wider strategy.

May I therefore suggest, in the first instance, that you provide (myofficial) with a list of contacts you would wish to invite for furtherexploratory discussions on the subject with a view to arranging ameeting for all participants in the near future.