Willott and Randerson open new sensory unit at Hollies school Pentwyn

2010 Hydref 10 8:00 PM

Cardiff Central's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP and AM, Jenny Willott and Jenny Randerson today visited the Hollies schoolin Pentwyn and formally opened the new sensory unit which will providefurther support to pupils at the school.

Funding for the unit was provided by Panasonic PLC and community groups. Jenny Willott MP said: "It is wonderful that Panasonic and other community groups chose to support such an important project in Pentwyn. Jenny (Randerson) and I would like to pay tribute to all the work that staff and pupils do at the school, and we hope that this unit makes life the school day even more enjoyable for the children."

Jenny Randerson AM added: "It was a great honour to open this brilliant new facility at the Hollies. The school does such important work in difficult circumstances and this facility will mean even more benefits for all of The Hollies' pupils."

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