As Postal Ballots are issued, Kirsty urges 'Vote Yes for Wales'

2011 Chwefror 17 10:00 AM

The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams, is urging postal voters to vote Yes for Wales.

With the deadline for registering for a postal vote now closed, postal ballots are issued to those that have requested them across Wales. They are expected to hit doormats in the next few days.

Kirsty Williams said:

"A 'yes' vote will make our law-making more efficient, it will save money and it will make it crystal clear where responsibility for decision making lies.

"Of course not everyone agrees with every policy pursued by the current Government, least of all me. The Welsh people will have their say on government policies in the Assembly elections in May. But whoever wins that election, we need to take this opportunity to improve our law making system.

"Many voters will receive their ballot papers in the next few days. I would strongly urge them to use their vote, to vote 'yes' and to do so straight away. A ballot paper that sits on the mantelpiece will never be counted!"

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