Black: Labour-Plaid budget ‘perverse’

2011 Chwefror 1 4:44 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have responded with amazement to the publication of the Labour-Plaid budget which has ignored Welsh Liberal Democrat proposals to focus the budget on building a new Welsh economy based on high quality jobs and improving schools.

Commenting Peter Black AM, Welsh Liberal Democrats Shadow Finance Minister said:

"Since the draft budget was published in November we have seen two reports that are highly critical of educational standards in Wales and new figures which revealed that Wales spends £604 less per pupil on education than in England.

"Wales deserves better than this, the budget should prioritise the two areas that can make a real difference to the Welsh economy now and in the future; education and jobs. This is the way that we will ensure growth in the Welsh economy and provide the high skilled jobs that we need."


Notes to editors: The Welsh Liberal Democrats have proposed amendments to the budget that amendments would establish:

The Innovation Fund will be used to invest in schemes such as a business-graduate mentoring scheme, encouraging universities to patent ideas and capitalise on them.

"The perverse reaction of the Labour - Plaid government is to carry on regardless, ignoring all the evidence that urgent investment in our schools is needed.

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