Action needed to save our high streets - Randerson

2011 Ionawr 19 4:12 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will today urge the Labour-Plaid Government to ensure that more is done to protect the high streets and towns of Wales. During the debate in the Senedd, the Welsh Liberal Democrats will call on the Labour-Plaid Government to

The proposals put forward seek to begin the renewal of high streets and town centres across Wales, many of which have faced decline in recent years.

Speaking before the debate, Shadow Economy Minister Jenny Randerson AM said,

"Too many of our high streets have either become ghost towns or clone towns empty and identical.

"Welsh Liberal Democrat plans would give local authorities new powers to drive regeneration across Wales funded out of the business rates that they will receive from our financial plans. Our plans will also ensure that local shops are not killed off by new supermarket developments and offer business rates that dont strangle small and local businesses.

"I know that a busy and thriving high street is good for the community and good for the local economy. Im pleased that after years of campaigning, the Lib Dems in Government have been able to stop any more post offices from closing. But we need independent shops as well. They are good for our economy and good for our community. These businesses form the backbone of many Welsh town centres and must be supported whether by cutting their costs or stopping huge supermarkets from killing off local competition.

"These are serious and important proposals that will allow local communities the chance to develop high streets and town centres that can compete in the 21st century. If we dont implement our proposals, many of our beautiful town centres will be eroded even further."

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