IBW make huge savings after Welsh Lib Dem revelation – Kirsty Williams

2011 Ionawr 14 11:45 AM

Following the International Business Wales overseas credit card scandal uncovered by the Welsh Liberal Democrats last year, it has been revealed that the overseas arm of the Welsh government (IBW) has saved more than £500,000 in its expenditure last year. Between 1 November 2009 and 30th October 2010, WAG staff based overseas spent £246,000 on hospitality, flights, taxis office supplies and training.

Last July, it was revealed that civil servants promoting Welsh business abroad charged nearly £750,000 to 35 assembly government credit cards. After it was uncovered by the Welsh Liberal Democrats, the Welsh Government conducted a review to ensure the civil service provided value for money.

This news comes weeks after the Welsh government announced it was relocating its New York office from the expensive Chrysler building to the more modestly priced British Consulate.

Commenting on the saving, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"I welcome this news as it shows that money can be saved in all areas of Welsh government and at times like these, it is vitally important that we make savings. I expect all departments in the Welsh government to make savings on this scale from now on.

"As I said last July, the Welsh Liberal Democrats agree that we should have people working on our behalf in countries like India, China and the US to promote inward investment to Wales but not living up an extravagant lifestyle with our hard earned money.

"I wonder what the bill for this year would have been if the Welsh Liberal Democrats hadnt uncovered this scandalous spending. Next week, the National Assembly will be debating the draft budget for the coming years and we will press the Labour-Plaid Government to look for more savings so that the Welsh tax payers money goes a long way."

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