Welsh Liberal Democrats say Yes to Fairer Votes

2011 Mawrth 26 6:14 PM

The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams AM and Roger Williams MP, today launched the Welsh Liberal Democrats Yes to Fairer Votes campaign with Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats , Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP, at Llandrindod Wells.

Welsh Lib Dems say Yes to Fairer Votes

Welsh Lib Dems say 'Yes' to Fairer Votes

Speaking to an audience of Welsh Liberal Democrats activists, Kirsty Williams said:

"We in Wales, we in the Welsh Liberal Democrats, know a little about working to win referendums to improve our democracy. We did it in 1997 and we did it again in March this year.

"But improving our devolution settlement is not enough. We need the whole package of political reform: More power for communities, House of Lords reform, the Freedom Bill. And of course, Fairer Votes for Westminster.

"So I make this pledge. We will do everything we can to win the AV referendum . The leaflets we issue will make the case for change in Cardiff Bay - and for reform at Westminster.

"On the day of the Welsh General Election, we shall be motivating people to vote both for a progressive alternative government in Wales and a progressive alternative voting system in Westminster."

The Deputy Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Roger Williams MP will said:

"First Past the Post results in MPs that that can get elected by appealing only to a minority of constituents, ignoring the views of others.

"It results in MPs with jobs for life, elected without the support of most of the people they are supposed to represent. Taking constituents for granted.

"The Alternative Vote will mean politicians having to persuade at least half their constituents to vote for them.

"It will mean fewer MPs with jobs for life in safe seats. It will mean putting the people back in charge, knowing that their vote will make a difference. And all that means accountable MPs having to work harder for your vote."

The Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes MP said:

"On May 5th, for the first time, the people of Britain will have the choice as to how they will elect their Members of Parliament.

"Liberal Democrats in Wales and elsewhere must take an active role in this campaign, as we should with every opportunity to make our democracy more representative.

"There are MPs in the House of Commons today who are elected with the votes of less than one third of the voters in their constituencies. Less than 2 in a 100 of the electorate in the end decided the result of the last election. This is simply not good enough and we must do better.

"Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a "Yes" vote because we believe in better democracy and the empowerment of people. Fairer votes will also force Labour and Conservative candidates to do what I and every one of my Liberal Democrat colleagues have had to do to be elected and to be re-elected - which is to fight for every single vote in every constituency.

"We must now go out and win the argument - and the vote."

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