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The Labour-Plaid Government: One Record of Failure

2011 Mawrth 29 3:22 PM

Cutout of Kirsty WilliamsAs Labour and Plaid Cymru approach the end of their joint administration, Kirsty Williams, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats has renewed her attack on the record of both parties in the areas of health, education and the economy.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"The joint leadership of Labour and Plaid Cymru has left Wales with a weak economy, underfunded and underperforming schools and an NHS that costs more but delivers less. It is a truly dismal record of failure in the most important areas for the people of Wales.

"They spent more money on economic development than any other part of the UK, but Wales is now the poorest part of Britain and we're getting relatively poorer.

"Welsh schools were once the envy of the world. Now, Wales' results have fallen behind England and Scotland. Little wonder when children in Wales get six hundred pounds less spent on their education.

"Labour and Plaid have spent more of our money on the NHS than England, but we put up with longer waiting times.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that Wales can do better. Our costed election manifesto will focus relentlessly on these three priorities to create the boost our economy, improve our health service and provide the first class education that Welsh children deserve."